Valentina CX is a London based, Italian born singer/songwriter. Her sensitively seductive sound was born from a childhood infused with her father’s record collection. Most notably steeped in Jazz, Blues, Motown, Bossa Nova and Funk, Valentina CX’s sound is also influenced by African and Brazilian music. Touring her native Italy from age 18, a move to London in 2006 gave Valentina CX the opportunity to grow as an artist in a fresh environment, broadening the spectrum of her musical knowledge by immersing herself in the U.K music scene. Viewing the U.K as the key to her fulfillment as an artist, she credits the wealth of people and personalities she has encountered along the way for people shaping her into the artist that she is today.

Her tranquil, effortlessly mesmerizing vocals transfix, drawing you into her uniquely personal yet refreshingly accessible psyche. The enigmatic richness of her tone evokes Norah Jones or Corrine Bailey Rae, firmly rooted in Jazz, Latin and Soul- the deep pool from which she draws her influences.

Initially an outlet for cathartic expression of feeling, her work pays testament to passion and romance, with lyrics speak of Love, Love lost and Love maintained. Currently on a path of discovery and reflection, Valentinacx is now aspiring to introduce fresh subject matters that will influence a completely new wave of writing accompanied by the introduction of a more experimantal style of electronic music. ( DEMO :

Valentina CX’s slow, sassy, seductive grooves very much so reflect her personality. “Writing and performing my music is the best therapy for my life and I hope this to be the case for you when you listen”

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Photo by Anaick Crozon